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Now you can have a firsthand experience of how our dedicated professionals passionately assemble your dream furniture without worrying about doing it yourself. Leave the hard work to us and enjoy your new piece of furniture hassle-free. Our professional and affordable furniture assembly services are tailored to your needs. Click here to schedule an appointment.  Tell us how you want it, and we do just that. Read our Furniture Assembling Policy.

Assembling Policy


A lasting relationship with our customers is important to our business, therefore we have put in place policies that will enhance customer service and customer satisfaction. We remind our customers of the following:

  1. Customers must check to make sure the furniture they purchase has no broken pieces, especially at the edges, missing parts and manuals, and that all safety instructions are available, complete and current.

  2. T&T Furniture Assembling is not liable for incomplete parts and may cancel the assembling order if any of the conditions mentioned in Point 1 above are not met.
  3. We will notify you of incomplete parts and will postpone our service until the issue is resolved with your seller, and we have received a complete replacement.
  4. For questions related to our furniture assembling policy, text us at 510-240-2290 or call us at 510-240-2290.
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