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Our story is derived from the difficulties and discouragement that often follow customers who rejoice for finding the furniture that they have been dreaming about, but only to discover that the furniture they had bought is a pile of well-arrange pieces of polished wood and assorted nails and a manual, instructing them on how to turn the pieces of wood into the desired furniture. Most people get disappointed, while others get outright mad, which is quiet understandable. With that in mind, we thought it will be a great idea to pick up the burden of assembling furniture since we have developed passion to assemble. Our success also comes from very dedicated professionals who understand our goal of making life easier for others. You pick the furniture of your choice, pay for it, get it delivered and we come and assemble it. Our trusted professional carpenters have become masters of their craft in careful handling and commitment to quality service, with exceptional furniture handling skills and incomparable customer care to keep our community coming back again and again. 

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